Bradford Elementary School

  • Museum of Science Travelling Program to Visit Bradford Students

    The Museum of Science Travelling Program will be visiting the students of Bradford Elementary.  Animal Habitats will visit grades K-2 on Friday, January 19, 2017; and Animal Adaptations will visit grades 3-4 on Wednesday, January 31, 2017.  Thank you to the PTO and the Sughrue Family for providing the students with this wonderful opportunity.

    Animal Habitats Where is the ideal place for an animal to live? We bring up to three live animals for students to observe, and we look for clues that determine their ideal shelter and food. Based on the information collected, students are challenged to pick a suitable habitat for each animal. Students also have the opportunity to touch assorted skins, bones, and feathers so they can actually feel some of the characteristics that help these animals survive.

    Animal Adaptations:  Students expand their understanding of biological adaptations by observing both skulls and live animals. They see up to three live animals from different groups, place the animals in their correct classes, and learn about specific adaptations each has developed. After observing the live animals, students engage in a hands-on activity in which they become scientists and examine particular skulls to determine how the animal may have adapted.


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