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Our Vision

Bradford Elementary School students will enter middle school with the skills and knowledge needed to attain success without remediation. Our students will be able to communicate effectively through verbal and written expression. Our students will be able to analyze and evaluate text in a variety of genres. Our students will possess the skills, knowledge, and conceptual understanding to effectively problem solve in science and mathematics. Our students will understand the benefits and appropriate uses of technology while encompassing the ability to adapt to variation and change. The learning environment at Bradford Elementary School will promote fair and equal opportunities for all students.

Mission Statement

We plan to bring all students proficiency and beyond by:

  • Continually promoting clear high standards for all students.
  • Using a curriculum framework that is based on performance standards.
  • Maintaining an aligned curriculum both vertically and horizontally.
  • Providing quality instructional facilities, materials, and supplies.
  • Utilizing formative and summative assessment data to drive instruction.
  • Developing appropriate and effective safety nets for students that require remediation.
  • Maintain highly qualified staff who are reflective of practice and desires continual renewal.



  • PTO MEETING – January 18, 2017

    The Bradford Elementary School PTO will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, at 7:00 PM.  The meeting will be held in the Library.



    The Staff and Students of Bradford Elementary would like to extend our gratitude to Holland’s Flowers of Bradford for sponsoring our outdoor flower pots.  Our entrance certainly has a wintery feel to it.


    Hollands Flowers with signature


    Thank you to all who supported the Student Council sponsored Canned Food Drive.  This year, through everyone’s support 3,250 cans were donated.

    The following classes/grades were recess winners:

    Winner of an extra recess for largest amount of cans brought in by a class:  Mrs. Carven, grade 2. (295)

    Winner of two extra recesses for largest amount of cans brought in by grade:  Grade 4 (1,017)

    Runner up, winner of one extra recess for largest amount of cans brought in by grade:  Grade 5 (863)Canned Drive Group

    Working hard food drive


    minions check e-mail


    If you have not,  please check your spam folder.  The e-mails will be from the email address and will show the name of either Patricia MacRae or Bradford Elementary School.

  • Box Tops Collection Update

    Box Tops

    Our school was one of the $500 prize winners in the Market Basket Box Tops sweepstakes.  Together, parents, students, and staff turned in 12,500 Box Tops! Combined that is a total of $1750.   Thank you to Katie Jalbert and all the parents who donated their time cutting and preparing the box tops for submission.

    Keep saving those box tops for our next collection!

  • 5th Grade Guitar Lessons/Ensemble with Mr. Cunha

    Bradford Elementary fifth graders are invited to join Mr. Cunha for before school lessons on the guitar.  Having a guitar is not a requirement and most kids do not have one.  guitar lessonThis is strictly a voluntary activity and as long as a student is doing the work and showing progress they will continue to be invited to come.  Please click here for more information and sign up sheet.

  • Bradford Elementary is Latex Free

    Our School is latex free.  Please click here for a detailed letter from the Principal, Ms. Perry.

  • Grade 3 Assembly – Mainly Stars


    We are excited to announce that Scott Negley will be returning to Bradford Elementary on February 10thand 11th to present his portable planetarium program, Mainly Stars, to our third grade students.  This program has always a favorite here at Bradford Elementary!

    Scott_Negley  Scott Negley owns and operates a portable planetarium system for presenting astronomy programs to elementary and middle school classes in northern New England. Educated initially as an engineer, a binocular tour of the heavens ignited a passion for the stars that led him to the University of Pennsylvania for a M.S. degree in astronomy and a 40-year career as an astronomy educator. He has been privileged to convey the splendor of the universe to students of all ages, initially as a university instructor, then as a school district planetarium director, adult school teacher and elderhostel instructor. As a Solar System Ambassador, Scott enjoys the opportunity to educate and inspire others with NASA’s magnificent discoveries.
  • Grades 1 and 2 “Wild About Weather” Presentation by Keith Johnson

    rain dropOn March 31, 2016, first and second graders will be treated to the program “Wild About Weather” presented by Keith Johnson.

    Keith JohnsonThis 50 minute program is loaded with enlightening experiments (many of which kids are encouraged to try at home).

    Supporting and enriching the National Science Standards, WILD ABOUT WEATHER takes a creative and quirky look at clouds, air pressure, the water cycle, weather instruments and forecasts.




  • Registration Information


    Do you need to register your child for the 2016-2017 school year?  click here for registration information.  Please note that registration packets are available on the Haverhill Public School Website at, the Registration Center, the Haverhill Public Library, and at the Central Office at City Hall.

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